Kingdom of Cambodia

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Kingdom of Cambodia
Flag of Kingdom of Cambodia
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Cambodia
Coat of arms
Location of Kingdom of Cambodia
and largest city
Phnom Penh
Dominant mode of productionCapitalism
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Norodom Sihamoni
• Prime Minister
Hun Sen
• Total
181,035 km²
• 2022 estimate

Cambodia, officially the Kingdom of Cambodia, is a country in Southeast Asia.


In 1969 and 1970, Kissinger and Nixon secretly bombed Cambodia and then overthrew Prince Sihanouk, who had refused to be a U.S. puppet. The bombing destroyed Cambodia's traditional economy and allowed Pol Pot to take power five years later.[1]

Before the US bombing, Pol Pot only had about 5,000 supporters. His recruitment relied on the bombing, and his army grew to 200,000 people when he took power.

In late 1978, Vietnam invaded and ousted Pol Pot, pushing him to the border with Thailand. The United States continued to support Pol Pot and gave him international military support. It also helped Democratic Kampuchea keep its seat at the UN even after it collapsed.[2]


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