George Floyd protests

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Riot cops in Minneapolis during the protests

The George Floyd protests were a series of protests and riots beginning in the United States lasting from May to July 2020. The protests began after a white police officer murdered George Floyd, an unarmed New Afrikan, on May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis. Protests began the next day and the Minneapolis 3rd Precinct was burned down on May 28. The majority of people in the U.S. believed burning down the police station was justified.[1] At least 28 people died in the protests and over 16,000 were arrested.[2]

Causes[edit | edit source]

The protests were caused by police brutality and racism against Black people and the high unemployment rates caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.[3]

Repression[edit | edit source]

During the protests, police used tear gas, mace and pepper spray against peaceful protestors.[4] Over 200 cities with a total population of 60 million were put under curfews.[5] President Donald Trump activated federal troops to suppress the uprisings[3] and 96,000 National Guard troops were mobilized in 34 states.[2] In addition to state forces, white supremacist groups including the Proud Boys, KKK, and Patriot Prayer assisted the police and attacked protestors.[5]

Numerous acts of police brutality were documented during the heavy-handed crackdown. In one instance, the police drove SUVs into a crowd of protestors, running over several people as others tried to flee. One unarmed protestor was tackled to the ground by multiple cops who beat him repeatedly with their batons. Another video shows National Guard troops in full tactical gear shooting paint canisters at people standing in front of their own homes. [6][7][8]

International protests[edit | edit source]

Although the protests were mainly in the United States, they also spread to other countries, including France,[9] Germany,[10] New Zealand,[11] Sri Lanka,[12] and the United Kingdom.[13]

Reactions[edit | edit source]

Domestic[edit | edit source]

U.S. government[edit | edit source]

President Donald Trump called the protestors "thugs" and encouraged the police and national guard to suppress the protests.[14] Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice blamed the Russian government for the protests on CNN.[15]

CPUSA[edit | edit source]

Communist Party USA called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the police who killed George Floyd and said that the rebellion is the fault of institutional racism and not the protestors.[16]

FRSO[edit | edit source]

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization demanded convicting the white supremacist cops and community control of the police. They also stated that New Afrikans are an oppressed nation in the U.S.[16]

PCUSA[edit | edit source]

The Party of Communists USA condemned the white supremacist police.[16]

PSL[edit | edit source]

The Party for Socialism and Liberation condemned the killing of George Floyd and advocated for the arrest and imprisonment of all the cops involved. They also stated that the FBI's investigation of Floyd's death would not help because the FBI is a white supremacist organization.[16]

WWP[edit | edit source]

Workers World, the newspaper of the Workers World Party, supported the George Floyd protestors and said that people of color in the U.S. are neo-colonized peoples.[16]

International[edit | edit source]

China[edit | edit source]

Chinese UN representative Chen Xu expressed his condolences to George Floyd's family and said that Black lives matter.[17]

Iran[edit | edit source]

The Iranian government threatened to sanction the United States for its treatment of Black people.[18]

References[edit | edit source]

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