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Metapedia is a right-wing extremist online encyclopedia that was founded in 2007, with the English version having about 7,000 articles.[1] Metapedia, in spite of calling itself "an electronic encyclopedia about culture, art, science, philosophy and politics,"[2] it is largely concerned with spreading neo-fascist propaganda, including Holocaust denial,[3] white supremacy, and anti-Semitism.

Views on countries


Metapedia claims China is committing cultural genocide against Tibetans and says Mao killed over 15 million people in concentration camps. It claims China's rise to being a superpower was due to low ethnic diversity even though China has over 50 recognized ethnic groups.[4]


Metapedia blames Jews and "cultural Marxism" for immigration into France and criticizes French anti-Semitism laws.[5]

Nazi Germany

Metapedia's article on Nazi Germany does not mention the Holocaust and claims that Jews simply emigrated to other countries, including the United States and Palestine.[6]


Metapedia criticizes Israel's genocide of Palestinians but does not understand the distinction between Zionist settlers and Jewish people in general.[7] It tries to explain U.S. support for Israel by saying an "Israeli lobby" controls the U.S. and does not mention Israel's role in Western imperialism.[8]

Soviet Union

Metapedia says that the Soviet Union was responsible for "the largest atrocities and mass killings in human history" until China and that Lenin and Stalin dispossessed Slavs and put them under control of Jews and other ethnic minorities. Metapedia's page about the Soviet Union is categorized as "Jewish mass murderers."[9]

United States

Metapedia's article on the United States states that white people will be a minority in the United States by 2043 and, like the page on France, blames immigration on Jews.[10]


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