Chrystia Freeland

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Chrystia Freeland is a Canadian Liberal politician currently serving as the Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada.

Nazi sympathies[edit | edit source]

Freeland (the woman in the royal blue blazer behind Volodymyr Zelenskyy) shown gleefully clapping for Hunka

Freeland's maternal grandfather, Michael Chomiak, was the editor-in-chief of Krakivs'ki Visti, a Ukrainian language Nazi newspaper based in Poland and Germany from 1940 to 1945.[1] Freeland has praised her grandparents and their legacy on numerous occasions, writing in a now-deleted tweet that "they worked hard to return freedom and democracy to Ukraine" and that she was "proud to honour their memory."[2]

During the Yaroslav Hunka scandal in which a 98-year-old Ukrainian Nazi collaborator was invited to the Canadian Parliament in September 2023, Freeland was one of the many members of the House of Commons who recognised Hunka and gave him a standing ovation for his service during the Second World War. While she later acknowledged that Speaker of the House Anthony Rota made a mistake by inviting Hunka, Freeland never apologised for her own role in the incident. She did find plenty of time to warn about "Russian propaganda" however.[3]

References[edit | edit source]

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