Slavoj Žižek

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Slavoj Žižek
Born21 March 1949
Ljubljana, Slovenia, Yugoslavia
Political orientationImperialism

Slavoj Žižek is a Slovenian philosopher, theorist and public intellectual. Although he identifies as a communist, he rejects actually existing socialist states, and is particularly against Stalin.[1]

Žižek supports NATO and supported its bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999.[2] More recently, he supported the US-backed coup government of Ukraine against the Russian efforts to de-Nazify the region,[3] compared Russia to Nazi Germany,[4] and said Russia wanted to colonize Europe.[5]

Anti-communism[edit | edit source]

Žižek considers Marxism–Leninism worse than Nazism and believes that Mao starved "tens of millions to death."[6]

Role in Yugoslav counterrevolution[edit | edit source]

Žižek returned to Yugoslavia from France in 1985 after completing his second Ph.D. and joined the Western-backed color revolution movement. He was the main columnist for the anti-communist magazine Mladina. He cofounded the Liberal Democracy party and ran for president of secessionist Slovenia in 1990.[6]

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