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When I started Using ProleWiki And Related

Deogeo (talkcontribs)

Thanks to Dr. Asatar Bair for bring this site to my attention via his twitter posts. My first exposure was sometime in the first three months of 2022. I've gradually come back to this wiki more and more over time.

Forte (talkcontribs)

Wonderful that our site has been of use. I see ProleWiki as a place of research, and everybody is open to share knowledge based on agreement with our principles, which like everything else in the wiki, is open to collective and historical criticism

It's exciting to work in ProleWiki and build something collective based on those principles. ProleWiki started in late 2020 with a single person, but a shared idea in Lemmygrad. It has grown ever since to a dozen comrades actively engaged with the project with readers from about 22 countries

Jucheguevara (talkcontribs)

happy to have you! perhaps it'd be good for us to create a page for Dr. Bair

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