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General-KJ (talkcontribs)

Hi, just to inform you that although your edit to the Hezbollah page looks good you haven't filled in enough of the citation templates so they haven't really rendered correctly, please do try and fill in as much of the citation template as possible when editing.

I would also recommend joining our discord for ease of communication, you should see the link at the top of the screen. Thanks!

Ledlecreeper27 (talkcontribs)

Some parts of the Qasem Soleimani page also look like they were copied from Wikipedia, which is strongly discouraged based on the code of conduct. We may have to revert edits that are copied from Wikipedia.

Pavel Korchagin (talkcontribs)

Only the Qasem article and a small portion of the Hezbollah one included copy-paste from wikipedia - and nothing in the PLO article - yet this guy for some reason deleted everything.

General-KJ (talkcontribs)

They are not deleted, you can still access the edits via the history of the pages. It is policy to delete unsourced and copied articles from the public version of the wiki. You are welcome to re-add your edits if you fix the citations and wikipedia copied sections.

CriticalResist (talkcontribs)

Additionnally, it is written in the Onboarding page, which you should have received in your welcome email, not to copy content straight from outside sources. (ctrl+f "Likewise, when you start writing, please do not copy content straight from outside sources — we don't need to plagiarize!")

It's not Wikipedia specifically so much as it is not copying content without at least rewriting it to fit our tone and subject matter. I'm not saying this is what happened to the PLO and Hezbollah articles, I just want to clarify that we don't target Wikipedia only.

Pavel Korchagin (talkcontribs)

Rewriting to fit the tone and subject matter is precisely what I did, any pro-imperialist discourse in the sources was replaced with anti-imperialist ones in my version ("terrorist" to "revolutionary/militant/fighter", "terrorism" to "armed resistance" etc), this is evident in the Qasem article too.

CriticalResist (talkcontribs)

The idea behind the policy of not copying straight from outside sources is that we should be and *are* more than capable of writing our own words, without having to copy and paste from other sources. It's fine if articles are not as fleshed out as they could be due to this.

I went through the Soleimani edit to see for myself, and while I agree that you changed the wording, in my opinion it's not sufficient to count as "our own words".

The problem with Wikipedia is we can't trust anything that's written in it. They cite, for example, "Lebanese militant Anis al-Naqqash". Who is that though? Wikipedia often passes off imperialists and collaborators as reliable sources. Can we say for sure, right this instant, that this is not the case for Anis and that he is someone we want to cite on a proletarian, Marxist-Leninist encyclopedia?

In regards to copying we have no mechanism to detect if the editor actually read through everything and can attest it is the truth and they stand behind all of it, or if they simply copied and pasted and called it a day.

Additionally, please note that we use a different citations template to Wikipedia. In the Soleimani edit for example, half the references did not display at all because they were not brought over to our own citations templates.

Hope this clarifies why we have this policy and what it's meant to achieve.

Pavel Korchagin (talkcontribs)

Naqqash was a consistent revolutionary and anti-imperialist. He was a PFLP-EO member in the 1970s and led the 1975 OPEC siege operation with Venezuelan Marxist-Leninist Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (Carlos the Jackal). In 1980 he converted to Shia Islam and led the operation that resulted in the elimination of the Shah's last prime minister. Until he breathed his last, he defended the resistance and was one of the links between the old and new resistance generations.

Comrade Leila Khaled has also praised Soleimani:

(There is also the possibility that these parts of the Soleimani article in Wikipedia have also been written by me, sο while it's copy-paste, it's also technicaly *my* words.)

General-KJ (talkcontribs)

Alright you having written the wikipedia article changes things in regard to the copy and paste however the pages would still have been reverted since the citations are broken. Our citations work differently to the wikipedia citations, you have to pull down the web citation template down from the top bar and fill in the sources information as much as possible for it to render, copying and pasting from other sites just breaks it since templates are different. As mentioned before your previous edit is available in the history of the pages if you wish to fix.

Pavel Korchagin (talkcontribs)

Thanks brother I'll search the search code for other prolewiki articles to see how it works, I sadly was familiar only with the HTML of wikipedia and other such wikis.

Please, avoid copying large sections of content from Wikipedia

Forte (talkcontribs)

If we're hosting content from Wikipedia, then what's the point? Might as well link directly to the Wikipedia article

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