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Tankie is an often derogatory label used to describe Marxist-Leninists or socialists. Its definition is very loose, as it has been used as a pejorative against people who merely criticize foreign policy decisions of imperial core nations and the bourgeois media's coverage of such events as well as proponents of specific kinds of anti-capitalist thought (such as Marxist-Leninists who support modern China), and its meaning often varies. Despite the term being derogatory, some Marxist-Leninists use the term ironically, and even utilise it in their names such as the Discord server Tankie Bunker.

Left-wing opponents of 'tankies' (mainly Trotskyists and ultra-leftists) denounce all examples of actually existing socialism and uncritically trust Western media. They support obscure or short-lived experiments, while so-called 'tankies' uphold the legacy of Stalin.[1]


'Tankie' was originally used in context of the Hungarian counter-revolution of 1956, which described the pro-Soviet people living in Hungary as 'tankies', because the Soviets brought tanks into Hungary in order to stop the Nazi-led counterrevolutionaries.[2]

Uses in Western media

On October 16, 2021, the New York Times published an article which used the word 'Tankie' for the first time.[3]

In July 2023, Binghamton University published an article that used the word "tankie" over 300 times.[4]

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