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Conservapedia is a far-right Christian extremist online encyclopedia. It was created in 2006 by Statesian conservatives who believed that Wikipedia was too left-leaning.[1] Although it claims to oppose liberalism, it confuses this term with leftism[2] and actually supports neoliberalism.


United States

According to Conservapedia, the right-wing Democratic Party are, at the same time, Neo-Nazis, Communists, "Globalists", "Woke", Anti-Semites, Marxists, and Slave-supporters.

Conservapedia believes that the United States of America is currently a military junta ("Biden-Harris junta") headed by fascist-Nazi-communist dictator Joe Biden, who gained power after the 2021 "Biden Putsch", which they think included the 2021 capital coup attempt, however, they claim that it was "staged", and really done by "leftists".[3] According to Conservapedia, the Statesian Democratic Party is a "leftwing fascist totalitarian organization" which supports socialism, democratic socialism, communism, Neo-Nazism, authoritarianism all at once.[4] They claim that Hollywood pushes a "homosexual agenda," that is "destroying the fabric of American culture," that it is sympathetic to communism, and criticise it for lacking their hard-line Christian ideas.[5]

Other content

Conservapedia denies climate change[6] and evolution.[7]

According to Conservapedia, communism (which they fail to understand is a economic system, not a political one) and socialism (which they falsely define as a economic system where a "bureaucratic elite" controls the economy) are both "failed" systems. However, Conservapedia nonetheless appears to claim that nearly every political organization in the west that is not far-right is either "socialist" or "communist". Furthermore, Conservapedia claims that socialism has been "tried" in the UK, India, and Israel, but "failed".[8] They also claim that the European Union's purpose is to subject Western Europe to Marxist-Leninist/"Marxist-Trotskyist" thought.[9]

While Conservapedia calls nearly everybody who is even slightly less reactionary and hateful than them "far-left", Conservapedia also claims that the term "far-right" was developed as a conspiracy by Joseph Stalin and the "Frankfurt School".[10]


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