Communist Party of Benin

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Communist Party of Benin

First SecretaryPhilippe Noudjenoume
FounderPascal Fantodji
Preceded byUnion of Communists of Dahomey
NewspaperLa Flamme
Political orientationHoxhaism

The Communist Party of Benin (in French: Parti Communiste du Bénin) is a communist political party in Benin following a Hoxhaist line while maintaining membership of the ICMLPO. The PCB was founded in 1977 by the Union of Communists of Dahomey. The party was initially called Communist Party of Dahomey (Parti Communiste du Dahomey).[1]

History[edit | edit source]

For the few few decades of its existence PCB was an outlawed party aligned with Hoxha's Albania, working in a clandestine manner against the Kérékou regime, and was only legally recognized on September 17, 1993.[1]

In the legislative elections of 1995, PCB got one MP elected. In the 1996 presidential elections, PCB candidate Pascal Fantodji got 17,977 votes (1.08%).[1]

In 1998, Magloire Yansunnu was expelled. In 1999, Yansunnu formed the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party of Benin.[1]

In 2011 secretary-general Philippe Noudjenoume submitted his candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections, this was denied by the Cour Constitutonnelle.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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