Maki (political party)

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המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית
الحزب الشيوعي الاسرائيلي
Founded1 September 1965
Split fromMaki
HeadquartersNazareth, Tel Aviv
Political orientationCommunism
National affiliationHadash
International affiliationIMCWP

The Israeli Communist Party (CPI), commonly known by its Hebrew abbreviation Maki (Hebrew: מק״י), is a communist party in "Israel" that claims to be anti-Zionist. The party forms part of the political alliance known as Hadash. It was originally known as Rakah (רק"ח), an acronym for Reshima Komunistit Hadasha ("New Communist List"), after breaking away from the original Maki in 1965.

Maki believes in a "two state solution" rather than a single independent Palestinian state as the solution to the Zionist entity's occupation of Palestine.[1] This goes against the stance made by principled communist parties and demonstrates Maki's opportunistic desire to maintain its own state and its allegiance to Zionism despite its claims.

References[edit | edit source]

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