Communist Party of the Russian Federation

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Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Коммунистическая Партия Российской Федерации
General SecretaryGennady Zyuganov
Founded14 February 1993
Youth wingKomsomol
Political orientationMarxism-Leninism (claimed)[1]
Russian Nationalism[3]

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) (Russian: Kommunističeskaja Partija Rossijskoj Federatsii, KPRF) is a reformist political party in Russia that claims to adhere to Marxist–Leninist philosophy, even though it rejects revolutionary struggle and does not aim to establish a dictatorship of the proletariat.[5] It is the second-largest political party in the Russian Federation after United Russia. The youth organisation of the party is the Leninist Young Communist League.

The party's stated goal is to establish a new, modernized form of socialism in Russia.[6] Immediate goals of the party include the nationalization of natural resources, agriculture and large industries within the framework of a mixed economy that allows for the growth of small and medium enterprises in the private sector.[7] It also promotes socially reactionary ideas as well as bourgeois nationalism.[8][9][10]

In 2014, the party called for Russia to formally recognise the Donetsk People's Republic and the Luhansk People's Republic.[11]

Party program[edit | edit source]

Under the present conditions in the Russian Federation, the CPRF calls for the following proposals:[12]

  • Stop the extinction of the country, restore benefits for large families, reconstruct the network of public kindergartens and provide housing for young families.
  • Nationalise natural resources in Russia and the strategic sectors of the economy; revenues in these industries are to be used in the interests of all citizens.
  • Return to Russia from foreign banks the state financial reserves and use them for economic and social development.
  • Break the system of total fraud in the elections.
  • Create a truly independent judiciary.
  • Carry out an immediate package of measures to combat poverty and introduce price controls on essential goods.
  • Not raise the retirement age.
  • Restore government responsibility for housing and utilities, establish fees for municipal services in an amount not more than 10% of family income, stop the eviction of people to the streets and expand public housing.
  • Increase funding for science and scientists to provide decent wages and all the necessary research.
  • Restore the highest standards of universal and free secondary and higher education that existed during the Soviet era.
  • Ensure the availability and quality of health care.
  • Vigorously develop high-tech manufacturing.
  • Ensure the food and environmental security of the country and support the large collective farms for the production and processing of agricultural products.
  • Prioritise domestic debt over foreign debt
  • Introduce progressive taxation; low-income citizens will be exempt from paying taxes.
  • Create conditions for development of small and medium enterprises.
  • Ensure the accessibility of cultural goods, stop the commercialisation of culture, defend Russian culture as the foundation of the spiritual unity of multinational Russia, the national culture of all citizens of the country.
  • Stop the slandering of the Russian and Soviet history.
  • Take drastic measures to suppress corruption and crime.
  • Strengthen national defense and expand social guarantees to servicemen and law enforcement officials.
  • Ensure the territorial integrity of Russia and the protection of compatriots abroad.
  • Institute a foreign policy based on mutual respect of countries and peoples to facilitate the voluntary restoration of the Union of States.

The party is in favour of cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church.[13] According to the words of Zyuganov, the CPRF is a party of scientific, but not militant atheism. Propaganda of any religion is banned inside the party.[14] The CPRF celebrates the rule of Joseph Stalin.[15]

Party Revisionism[edit | edit source]

Zyuganov and the party support social conservatism and voted in favor of the ban on the "promotion of non-traditional sexual relations to minors", commonly known as the Russian gay propaganda law, as well as the transphobic law, banning gender reassignment procedures and transgender healthcare, which was passed in July 2023.[16][17][18][19]

History[edit | edit source]

The CPRF ran Nikolay Kharitonov in the 2024 presidential elections in the Russian Federation.[20] He secured 4.31% of the vote with 87.28% voter turnout.[21]

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