Communist Party of Spain

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Communist Party of Spain

Partido Comunista de España
PresidentJosé Luis Centella
General SecretaryEnrique Santiago
Founded14 November 1921
NewspaperMundo Obrero
Nuestra Bandera
Youth wingCommunist Youth Union of Spain
Membership (2017)10,500
Political orientationMarxism-Leninism

The Communist Party of Spain (Spanish: Partido Comunista de España, PCE) is one of the longest-standing communist parties in Spain and is known to be one of the largest militant groups fighting during the Spanish Civil War. It was established in November 14th, 1921.

Ideology[edit | edit source]

The ideology of the Communist Party of Spain has varied history since its founding in 1921. From its inception and to during the Spanish Civil war, the Communist Party of Spain was broadly Marxist and socialist.[1] As the Republicans lost the Spanish Civil War, most members of the leftist parties in Spain were subject to the White Terror and many left to Cuba. What was left of the party continued to exist in Spain but fell into Eurocommunism.[2] In 2017, the Communist Party of Spain stated that it has and will return to Marxist-Leninist politics to mark its 100th anniversary.[3]

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