Communist Party of Austria

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Communist Party of Austria

Kommunistische Partei Österreichs
LeaderGünther Hopfgartner
General SecretaryFlorian Birngruber
SpokespersonsKaterina Anastasiou
Rainer Hackauf
Günther Hopfgartner
Sarah Pansy
Tobias Schweiger
Natascha Wanek
Johan Spricht
Veer Sachai
Founded3 November 1918
HeadquartersDrechslergasse 42 A-1140 Vienna
Political orientationCommunism (de jure)
Democratic Socialism (de facto)
European affiliationParty of the European Left
International affiliationIMCWP

The Communist Party of Austria (KPÖ), is a party in Austria that claims to be communist whilst acting like a democratic socialist party, and is one of the world's oldest communist parties. The party is particularly active in the states of Styria and Salzburg, holding multiple seats there as well as the mayorship of Graz, Austria's second largest city, since 2021.



The KPÖ was officially established on the 3 November 1918 at a conference in Vienna by comrades inspired by the October Revolution, leading the KPÖ to subsequently join the Comintern in 1919.[1] In its early history the KPÖ made the error of boycotting bourgeois elections, but this mistake was soon rectified in its conference on September 1, 1920 following Vladimir Lenin's Letter to the Austrian Communists in which he informed them of this error.[2]

Modern day

The modern iteration of the KPÖ is a democratic socialist party in all but name despite what it claims, having abandoned revolution in favour of devoting itself to achieving socialism through bourgeois politics whilst denouncing "Stalinist crimes".[3] The success of the party has been increasing in recent years and it currently holds the mayorship of Graz after winning 29% of the vote in Styria, allowing KPÖ member Elke Kahr, to be elected mayor at the head of a coalition of the SPÖ and the Greens.[4]



The KPÖ considers the initiation of Operation Flood of Al-Aqsa against the Zionist Entity to be a terrorist attack and condemns Hamas for fighting Palestine's occupier. It considers "Israeli" settlers to be "civilians" and calls for a ceasefire while parroting imperialist lines on hostages and atrocities committed by Hamas. It considers a two state solution as necessary for peace in Western Asia meaning the KPÖ is de facto Zionist.[5]


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