Taiwanese Communist Party

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The Taiwanese Communist Party also known as the 臺灣共產黨 or in Pinyin Táiwān gòngchǎndǎng or in Japanese 台湾共産党 or in Japanese as the Taiwan Kyōsantō was an orginization that was active in Japanese Occupied Taiwan Province. Similar to the Taiwanese People's Party, it's existence was short although its politics and activities were helpful in shaping Taiwan's anticolonial Enterprise.

History[edit | edit source]

The Party was officially created on April 15th 1928 during the Shanghai French Concession. The planning of the party went back as early as 1925, when Moscow-trained Taiwanese students began to contact likeminded individuals in the People's Republic of China and Japan. By late 1927 Communist International (1919–1943) members had instructed Japanese Communists, who had been organized during 1922, to help draft and organizational charters for a Japanese Communist Party, Taiwanese National Branch,

Following the drafting of the these political charters, Lin Mu-shun and Hsieh Hsueh Hung secretly met in Shanghai with seven other members of the Communist Party of China, Communist Party of Korea and the Japanese Communist Party.