Popular Unity for Socialism

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Popular Unity for Socialism

Unidade Popular pelo Socialismo
FoundedJune 16, 2016
RegisteredDecember, 10 2019
NewspaperA Verdade
Political positionRevolutionary socialism
ColoursBlack, White
YouTube channelhttps://www.youtube.com/@UnidadePopular

The Popular Unity for Socialism (PU),[a] is a Marxist political party based in Brazil. They support the nationalization of industry and a planned economy and are anti-imperialist.

Party Program (roughly translated)[edit | edit source]

  1. Social control of all monopolies and capitalist consortia and of the means of production in the strategic sectors of the economy; economic planning to meet the needs of the population and eliminate regional and social inequalities.
  2. Nationalization of the banking system and popular control of the financial system.
  3. End of imperialist plunder of the national economy; stagnation of the bleeding of our resources abroad, putting an end to remittances of profits, dividends, payment of royalties and payments of the external debt; annulment of the State's agreements and debts with foreign capitalists, which were contracted against the sovereignty and interests of the workers; guarantee of Brazil's total economic independence from imperialist countries, in particular US imperialism; transfer of foreign trade to state bodies.
  4. Re-nationalization of privatized state-owned companies; end of oil auctions; review of concessions for Brazilian ports, airports and roads handed over to private companies.
  5. Compulsory employment and work guarantee for all adult persons able to work; prohibition of exploitation of child labor;
  6. Popular agrarian reform; nationalization of land and end of private land monopoly.
  7. Annulment of extortionate taxes levied on the people; tax on large fortunes and progressive. Those who earn more pay more.
  8. Nationalization of all means of public transport.
  9. Public and free education for all and at all levels; end of profit in education. Guarantee of free access of the people to the university and/or professional technical courses; end of the entrance exam, vestibulinho or any selection
  10. Democratization of the media, with the socialization of all major television channels, newspapers and radio stations; guaranteed access to the means of communication to all citizens;
  11. Broad freedom of expression and organization for workers and the people; end of capitalist donations to electoral campaigns;
  12. Justice: judges and courts elected by the people;
  13. End discrimination against women; equal rights; an end to racism and discrimination against blacks; firm fight against the sexual exploitation of women and children; for the decriminalization and legalization of abortion; fight against all LGBT-phobic manifestations; firm punishment of offenders.
  14. End of any religious, racial or gender discrimination; full guarantee of religious freedom;
  15. Defense and protection of the environment and nature; prohibition of forest destruction; establishment of popular control over the Amazon and expulsion of all foreign monopolies from the region;
  16. Demarcation and immediate possession of all indigenous lands; guarantee of differentiated schools for indigenous people and encouragement and support for indigenous languages; defense of the culture and rights of indigenous peoples;
  17. Guarantee of free and public health for all; end of exploitation of private health plans;
  18. Defense and encouragement of national and popular culture; nationalization of all music recording companies and film production companies;
  19. Working hours: reduction to six hours for all workers and general increase in wages;
  20. Establishment of law guaranteeing rest on festive days, Sundays and holidays for workers, except for essential sectors;
  21. Guarantee of dignified housing, sanitation and garbage collection for all Brazilian families; allocate abandoned properties to solve the housing deficit; carrying out a profound urban reform;
  22. Trial, imprisonment, and confiscation of the property of all the corrupt;
  23. Support for the struggle of all peoples and countries for liberation from capitalist domination and imperialist dispossession; defense of sovereignty, independence and self-determination of peoples.
  24. For the end of the military police; end any repression of social movements;
  25. Exemplary punishment for the dictatorship's torturers and murderers, immediate revision of the Amnesty Law; all support to the struggle for Memory, Truth and Justice.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Portuguese: Unidade Popular pelo Socialismo (UP)