Party of Labour of Albania

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Party of Labour of Albania

Partia e Punës e Shqipërisë
First SecretaryEnver Hoxha (1941–1985)
Ramiz Alia (1985–1991)
Founded8 November 1941
Dissolved13 June 1991
NewspaperZëri i Popullit
Youth wingLabour Youth Union of Albania
Pioneers of Enver
Political orientationMarxism–Leninism
Hoxhaism (post-1970s)
Election symbol
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The Party of Labour of Albania was the Marxist–Leninist vanguard of the Albanian working class, as well as the sole ruling party of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania from 1945 to 1991, when a bourgeois counter-revolution resulted in a capitalist government being installed.

The Party of Labour of Albania had its origins in various anti-fascist and Marxist organisations that resisted the monarchy and later the fascist Italian colonisers, and itself would form in 1941 under the name of the Communist Party of Albania. After succeeding in liberating Albania from fascist imperialists, the Communist Party of Albania would begin to develop a people's democracy, as well as recover Albania from its war-torn state, and develop socialism. Under Joseph Stalin's suggestion, the party would be renamed to the Party of Labour of Albania in 1948.[1]

Led by Enver Hoxha, who served as general secretary, the Party of Labour would later begin an ideological struggle against the leaders of the Soviet Union, China, and Yugoslavia, among others, labelling them as "social-imperialists."[2]

The modern legacy of the Party of Labour of Albania can be seen in modern political parties like the Socialist Party of Albania, or the Reorganised Party of Labour of Albania.

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