Workers' Party (Ireland)

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The Workers' Party

Páirtí na nOibrithe
PresidentMichael McCorry
FoundedJanuary 17, 1970
Preceded byAnti-Treaty Sinn Féin
Youth wingWorkers' Party Youth
Military WingOfficial Irish Republican Army (until 1990s)
Political orientationIrish Republicanism
Electoralism (Irish Republican)

The Workers' Party, formerly Official Sinn Féin and later Sinn Féin-The Worker's Party, is an Irish Republican Marxist-Leninist political party in Ireland. It was the smaller faction of the 1969/1970 Irish Republican Split over the issue of abstentionism, in which it followed an electoralist (in the Irish Republican sense) and explicitly Marxist-Leninist path. It maintains a minor presence today.[1][2]

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