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The Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA) is a communist party in the United States currently under a reformist and opportunist leadership.[1][2] It was established in 1919 after a split from the Socialist Party of America.

Joe Sims, which is the current national chairman, published a visibly opportunist distortion of Marxism's core tenets in 2008.[3]


  1. “The CPUSA has long said the transition to US socialism will be much more prolonged and complex. [...] Just like the socialist society we envision - peaceful, humane and democratic – so too must be the path as it will shape every aspect of the new society.


    Marx and Engels foresaw the possibility of peaceful transition particularly under conditions of the democratic or bourgeois republic. [...] Even Lenin initially thought a peaceful transition to workers' and peasants' power in Russia would be possible as a result of the crisis brought on by WWI, but the armed intervention of western imperialist powers changed the course of history.”

    John Bachtell, chairman of PCUSA until 2019 (2014-06-23). "Elections, the state, reform and revolution" Political Affairs.

  2. “Non-violent peaceful resistance is a very important form of struggle.


    It will be what we call a democratic path. One that utilizes the electoral arena but also other democratic venues where we’re constantly trying to expand our right”

    John Bachtell, chairman of CPUSA until 2019 (2018-04-25). "Marxism a vibrant philosophical outlook, says CPUSA leader" CPUSA Blog.

  3. “[Dictatorship of the proletariat is] probably the worst phrase uttered by a political theorist ever. Who wants to live in a dictatorship? Even if I agreed with it conceptually, (which I don't), the Machiavellian in me has enough sense not to repeat it. Indefensible. And by the way, working-class “hegemony” (whatever the hell that means, sorry Gramsicans), aint much better.”

    Joe Sims (2008-08-05). "Ten worst and best ideas of Marxism" Political Affairs.