Voltaic Revolutionary Communist Party

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Voltaic Revolutionary Communist Party

Parti communiste révolutionnaire voltaïque
Founded1 October 1978
Political orientationMarxism-Leninism
International affiliationICMLPO

The Voltaic Revolutionary Communist Party is a Marxist–Leninist and Hoxhaist party in Burkina Faso.[1]

Program[edit | edit source]

The Voltaic Revolutionary Communist Party has 19 points in its program.[2]

  1. Drive out imperialism and neocolonialism and overthrow the reactionary classes
  2. Build a democratic workers' and peasants' state and achieve full independence
  3. Put all state power in control of the people
  4. Decentralize power and give more autonomy to regions
  5. Democratically elect all judges and military leaders and allow them to be revoked
  6. Freedom of expression and the right to strike
  7. Equality of all citizens regardless of sex, religion, race, or nationality
  8. Liberate the different nationalities in one united state
  9. Organize a revolutionary army for the people
  10. Organize the economy to meet the needs of the people
  11. Ensure employment for all citizens and find a solution to emigration
  12. A fair and equitable tax system
  13. Nationalize companies that are important to the interest of the country
  14. Cancel all neocolonial debts
  15. Redistribute land to the peasants
  16. Eliminate illiteracy and have mandatory and free education up to the age of 16
  17. Eradicate endemic diseases and promote health education
  18. Improve infrastructure
  19. Establish relations with other friendly countries

References[edit | edit source]

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