Communist Party of Czechoslovakia

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Communist Party of Czechoslovakia

Komunistická strana Československa
Founded(1921-05-16)May 16, 1921
DissolvedApril 23, 1992(1992-04-23) (aged 70)
Political orientationCommunism

The Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSČ) was the ruling party of Czechoslovakia from 1948 to 1990.[1]

Pre-revolution[edit | edit source]

By the late 1920s, the KSČ was the leading workers' party in Czechoslovakia. It had to go underground in 1938 because of the Nazi occupation but reemerged in 1945. Edvard Beneš formed a bourgeois coalition government with Communists in his cabinet.[1]

Revolution[edit | edit source]

In February 1948, the trade unions and workers' militia overthrew Beneš's government and created a socialist state.[1]

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