Economic Freedom Fighters

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Economic Freedom Fighters

Ekonomiese Vryheidsvegters
PresidentJulius Malema
ChairpersonVeronica Mente
Secretary-GeneralMarshall Dlamini
FoundersJulius Malema
Floyd Shivambu
Founded26 July 2013
Split fromAfrican National Congress
Student wingEFFSC
Political orientationAnti-imperialism

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is a revolutionary anti-imperialist party in South Africa.


The EFF has seven pillars of economic emancipation:[1]

  1. Expropriation and redistribution of South Africa's land
  2. Nationalization of mines, banks, and other important parts of the economy
  3. Abolition of bribes
  4. Free quality education, healthcare, housing, and sanitation
  5. Creating sustainable jobs and ending the apartheid wage gap
  6. Development of the economy and promoting justice throughout the African continent
  7. A government and society without corruption

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