Communist Party of Sweden (1995)

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Communist Party of Sweden

Sveriges Kommunistiska Parti
ChairmanAndreas Sörensen
SecretaryHåkan Jönsson
International SecretaryKarl Gunnarsson
TreasurerIlya Zorkhin-Nilsson
Youth wingYoung Communist League of Sweden
Political orientationMarxism-Leninism
International affiliationIMCWP
Book PublisherFRAM

The Communist Party of Sweden (SKP) is a communist party in Sweden founded in 1995. It opposes imperialism and Sweden's potential membership in NATO.[1]


1848 – in the spring: The first communist societies are formed.

Dec: The Communist Manifesto is published in Swedish.

1881 – 6 Nov: August Palm gives the first socialist lecture in Sweden.

1882 – March 4: The first socialist newspaper, Folkviljan, begins to be published.

1886 – 27 – 29 August: First Scandinavian Labor Congress in Gothenburg declares adherence to socialism.

1888 – January 6 – 8: The South Swedish Labor Congress in Malmö adopts a Marxist program.

1889 – April 19 – 22: Sweden's Social Democratic Workers' Party is formed.

1890 – 1 May: the first May demonstrations in Sweden.

1898 – 5 – 7 August: The National Organization (LO) is formed.

1902 – May 15. General strike for democratic suffrage.

1903 – March 24: Sweden's Social Democratic Youth League is formed.

1906 – October 2: The newspaper Norrskensflamman begins to be published regularly.

1907 – The Social Democratic Youth League participates in the formation of the Socialist Youth International.

1908 – The first issue of the Stormklockan newspaper is published.

1909 – August 4: The general strike against wage cuts begins.

1914 – The Congress of the Social Democratic Youth League rejects the party leadership's demand for unprincipled submission and support for the First World War.

1916 – March 18 – 19: The Peace Congress convenes at the initiative of the Social Democratic Youth League.

1917 – 13 – 16 May: The Social Democratic Left Party is formed at the constituent congress in Viktoriasalen, Stockholm.

1918 – December 17: Universal suffrage is introduced.

1919 – March 2: Red Sunday, general day of solidarity and propaganda in support of the October Revolution in Russia and the proletarian uprisings in other countries.

- September 29: Law on eight-hour working day is adopted by the Riksdag.

1921 – March 25 – 26: The Congress of the Social Democratic Left Party adopts the 21 conditions for joining the Communist International and changes the party's name to Sweden's Communist Party (SKP).

– May 14 – 15: The Congress of the Social Democratic Youth Association decides to adopt the name Sweden's Communist Youth Association (SKU).

1922 – March 12: In nationwide mass deputations, the unemployed present their demands to the government; large unemployment demonstrations.

1927 – Sweden's and the Soviet Union's miners' union forms a friendship and cooperation committee.

1928 – August 1: Demonstrations in connection with International Day of Struggle for Peace.

1929 – January 26 – 27: The Workers' Union National Conference adopts guidelines for the fight against class collaboration and the new anti-union laws.

– 7 November: The Arbetartidningen in Gothenburg begins to be published.

1930 – January 2: The newspaper Ny Dag is published as the main organ of Sweden's Communist Party.

– March: Fierce battles against police-protected strikebreakers in Halmstad.

1931 – May 14: Union workers' demonstration in Ådalen is shelled by the military. 5 workers are killed.

1932 – July: Strike, demonstrations and battles against strikebreakers in Klemensnäs and Sandarne.

1933 – March 24: The Central Committee of the Communist Party proposes to the Social Democratic Workers' Party an anti-fascist united front in the fight against Hitler's fascism and for current social demands.

1936 – In the election, the Labor parties get an overall majority in the second chamber of the Riksdag.

1937 – May: The 10th Congress of the Communist Party addresses the issue of the fight against war and fascism and support for the Spanish Republic.

1939 – April 6 – 9: The 11th Congress of the Communist Party calls for unity in the struggle for peace and the defense of the nation.

1940 – February 28: Transport Union is introduced against the communist newspapers.

– March 3: Fascist murder and arson attack against the Northern Lights, killing 5 people.

1941 – May 28: The Communist Party makes a significant declaration in the Riksdag about the protection of Sweden's freedom and national independence.

1944 – April: The Labor Movement's post-war program is adopted.

– May 6 – 9: The 12th Congress of the Communist Party declares its adherence to the implementation of the post-war program of the Labor Movement.

1945 – February 5: Strike throughout the metal industry, lasting 5 months.

1946 – May 18 – 21: The 13th Congress of the Communist Party adopts the Action Program of Democracy.

1948 – May 15 18: The 14th Congress of Communist Party adopts the Democratic Cultural Program.

1950 – March 16 – 19: The Bureau of the World Peace Council holds its third session in Stockholm issuing the Stockholm Appeal for the Prohibition of Atomic Weapons.

1953 – 3 – 6 April: The 16th Congress of the Communist Party adopts the program 'Sweden's road to socialism'.

1955 – The party campaigns and motions in the Riksdag against the anti-democratic trade union laws.

– 28 – 31 Dec.: 17th Congress: Main tasks are the fight for peace and national self-determination.

1957 – Advisory referendum on ATP.

– 28 – 31 Dec.: 18th Congress: in the sign of the fight for ATP and women's interests.

1958 – New elections to the Riksdag. The party withdraws the lists in 11 constituencies to secure the majority for ATP.

- The youth association SKU merges with Demokratiskt ungdom (Democratic Youth).

1961 – 5 – 8 Jan.: 19th Congress: program of action against big finance. Connection to the declaration from the 81-party conference in Moscow. Comprehensive campaign against nuclear weapons.

1962 – 19 February: party board statement against the cult of personality, for the party's right to self-determination.

1964 – 3 – 6 Jan.: 20th Congress: party leader Hilding Hagberg establishes the party's character as an independent Swedish party. With C H Hermansson as newly elected chairman. begins the opportunistic adjustment to the right.

1967 – May 13 – 16: 21st Congress: The character of the party is the main issue. The party name is changed after compromise to the Left Party Communists. The youth association's name to Vänsterns Ungdomsförbund (VUF).

1969 – After electoral successes in 1964 and 1966, the VPK loses half the electorate (from 6.4% in 1966 to 3%).

1969 – Sept. 19 – 21: 22nd Congress adopts hand lens program 'People Power'. The youth association splits and ceases.

1972 – Oct. 26 – 29: 23rd Congress: Sharpened contradictions.

1975 – March 12 – 16: 24th Congress: Still sharpened contradictions. Prominent representatives of a clear communist line are maneuvered out of the party board. Lars Werner will be the new party chairman. with 162 of 236 votes.

1976 – The VPK leadership drives the party towards division through exclusions and measures contrary to the constitution.

1977 – February 29: Declaration of Communist Party Districts on the Need for a Communist Party

26 – 27 March National Conference: The Communist Party is re-established under the name The Communist Labor Party in english, Arbetarpartiet Kommunistern (APK) in Swedish.

1990 - through a coup as a result of APK distancing itself from the perestroika policy in the Soviet Union and the breakdown of socialism, a group leaves the party and takes the Norrskensflamman newspaper with them in defiance of the party's charter.

The newspaper Riktpunkt is published instead.

1995 – Nov 4-5: 31st Congress decides to reclaim the name Sweden's Communist Party (SKP)


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